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PD-TE Widebody Aerodynamic Kit suitable only for Porsche Taycan Turbo & Turbo S models without Sport Package. As long as you have another Porsche Taycan model, your vehicle must be converted to Turbo model.

Please note that our Aerodynamic Kit fits only for Taycan Turbo and Turbo S models (without SportDesign Package Front Bumper)! All Taycan models without Turbo / Turbo S Add-On Parts (e.g. Taycan, Taycan 4, Taycan 4S) need to be converted using Turbo / Turbo S Front Spoiler and Diffuser (without SportDesign package). It is the pre-condition for assembly of Body-Kit Parts. The additional parts need to be purchased separately.


Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for Porsche Taycan models [2019+] includes:

  • PD TE Front Spoiler Lip for Porsche Taycan [2019+]
  • PD TE Diffusor for Porsche Taycan [2019+]
  • PD TE Sides Skirts Add-On Spoiler for Porsche Taycan [2019+]
  • PD TE Front and Rear Widenings for Porsche Taycan [2019+]
  • PD TE Rear Trunk Spoiler for Porsche Taycan [2019+]



Pricing is excluding VAT

Prior Design PD-TE Widebody Aerodynamic Kit suitable for Porsche Taycan

PrijsVanaf € 990,00
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